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As we enter into the New Year we  are happy to report that our documentary, “America You Kill Me” has entered our “bring it home“ phase.

Needed Finishing Funds include:

  • Completion of  deep post-production, which includes final editing, finalizing the look and  feel through animation, motion graphics, and color.
  • Sound design sessions are scheduled and composer Audra Kubat is working to complete the original soundtrack.
  • We have a dedicated archivist working on our licensing.
  • Our final effort will include robust communications and marketing efforts through social media and beyond.

We expect that “America You Kill Me” and Jeffrey Montgomery’s story will receive positive media attention. Already, locally we have had positive feed back and coverage on Detroit print and online media including leading  LGBTQ publications. 

What began as a straightforward interview with Jeffrey and former WDET on-air host Craig Fahle wound up being a more complete study of Jeffrey’s life and those he touched.

In the process we spoke to many of the leading players in Jeffrey’s life from his family and friends to those who worked with him at the Triangle Foundation, Michigan's premiere LGBTQ anti-violence and political advocacy organization for over 25 years, (now Equality Michigan).


Along the way we heard from major Detroit City, Michigan state and nationally known figures who knew Jeffrey and admired his work to provide LGBTQ folks with the basic rights and protections most American’s take for granted.

This is a very personal study of a person  who genuinely was a warrior for the causes he deeply believed in.

Considering the political and social attacks on LGBTQ citizens still prevalent in America this story is more important and timely than ever.

To get this effort the finish line will take additional funds with the idea of a full public release of the documentary in  2020.

This is where you can help. Go to Finishing Funds Donor Levels page on this website and provide any support you can to help us to finish this important documentary.


John Montgomery 

Watch the Short Film

This original 5-minute short film screened at the 2014 Cinetopia Film Festival.

AYKM Project Update 2020

Producer John Montgomery and Director Daniel Land and the entire "America You Kill Me" team want to offer our sincere thanks to all who have supported the Jeffrey Montgomery documentary's production to date. Although there is still help needed to raise our finishing funds as we start the new year it is our goal to complete and launch this important documentary to the world in 2020. 

(For more info on needed finishing funds go to our Project Backgrounder page). 

It is our hope that this documentary will inspire the many social justice warriors out there to continue their fight as well as others to join the fight for LBGTQ civil rights. 

One of the many things Jeffrey believed in was that each of us has the power to create change. Jeffrey's life and work was a wonderful example of that. Your continued support will help us complete his story. You can help by reaching out to others who may be interested in contributing. Please share this website and our Facebook page: with friends to keep them informed. Thank You! 

Jeffrey Montgomery

Jeffrey Montgomery 

Media Coverage of "America You Kill Me"


Grosse Pointe News 8.8.19 "Documentary showcases activist’s life work"

WDET Culture Shift Show with Ryan Patrick Cooper 8.5.19 “America You Kill Me” Documents the Legacy of Gay Rights Activist, Jeffrey Montgomery


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