Interview Appearances

Jeffrey Montgomery

In his own words...

Jennifer Granholm

Michigan Governor 2002-2011

Senator Carl Levin

Michigan Senator 1979-2015

Mayor Dennis Archer

Detroit Mayor 1994-2001

Curtis Lipscomb

LGBT Detroit

Kate Kendell

Executive Director,
National Center for Lesbian Rights

Sean Kosofsky

Director of Public Policy,
Triangle Foundation 1996-2008

Ricci Levy

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Foundation

Carmen Vazquez

LGBT Task Force

Sue Hyde

National LGBTQ Task Force
Director, Creating Change Conference

Ike McKinnon

Detroit Police Chief 1994-1998
Detroit Deputy Mayor 2013-2016

John Kavanaugh

Author, 'Welcome to the Gay Age'

Matt Foreman

Haas, Jr. Fund

Greg Varnum

Triangle Foundation, 

Equality Michigan

Kary Moss

Executive Director,
Michigan ACLU

James Montgomery

Brother, Bandleader

Adriel Thornton

Triangle Board Member,
Event Promoter

Beth Zemsky

Intercultural Organizational Development

Emily Dievendorf

Executive Director,
Equality Michigan (2014)

Leo Romo

Triangle Volunteer, Activist

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